Stews                                                      Yonkers
121 Restaurant                                     S. Salem

Alex Lounge                                          White Plains

Barley House                                        Thornwood

Beer Noggin                                          Bronxville

Birdsall                                                   Peekskill

Brew & Company                                 Bedford

Buns & Bourbon /Taco Dive               Peekskill

Carriage House                                     Mahopac

Clocktower                                            Brewster

Clydesdale Bar                                      Portchester

Craftsman Ale House                           Harrison

DeCiccos                                                Brewster

DeCiccos                                                Jefferson Valley

DeCiccos                                                Ardsley

DeCiccos                                                Millwood

DeCiccos                                                Cross River

DeCiccos                                                Katohnah

DeCiccos                                                Armonk

DeCiccos                                                Larchmont

DeCiccos                                                Harrison

DeCiccos                                                Pelham

DeCiccos                                                Scarsdale

Donahue’s                                             W. Harrison

Emma’s Ale House                               White Plains

Freebird                                                White Plains

Green Growler                                     Croton

Holy Smoke                                           Croton

Hudson Room                                       Peekskill

Lazy Boy                                                 White Plains

Oath                                                       Tarrytown

Players Club                                          Brewster

Prime 16                                                Pelham

Quiet Man                                             Peekskill

Reverie Café                                         Patterson

Rockwell’s                                             Pelham

Ron Blacks                                             White Plains

Rye Roadhouse                                    Rye

Secor Sports Club                                 Mahopac

Sedona Taphouse                                 Mamaronack

Smokehouse                                         Mamaronack

Smokehouse                                         New Rochelle

The Tap House                                      Tuckahoe

Harrison Beverage                               Harrison

Portchester Beer                                 Portchester

Montrose Beer                                     Montrose

Decatur Beverage                                Peekskill

Beverage Mart                                     Eastchester

Mark & Mike Beverage                       Yonkers

Carmel Beverage                                 Carmel

Yonkers Beer                                        Yonkers

On The Border                                     Brewster

All Star Beverage                                 Yonkers

Brewster Beer                                      Brewster

Rye Beverage                                       Rye

Vista Beer                                              S. Salem

United Beer                                          Banksville

Beer Time                                              Brewster

One Stop Beverage                             Mamaronack

Castle Beverage                                   New Rochelle

Mclean Beverage                                 Yonkers

Hudson Valley                                       Mahopac

Halftime                                                 Mamaronack



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